Augie Figurelli   (Agostino)

     Augie often refers to himself as the "totally Italian Kid from Colorado".  He was born in Greeley, was graduated from high school in Colorado Springs, and eventually moved to the Denver area.  After serving four years in the Air Force, he attended the University of Colorado and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1975.  He moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1989.

     Augie started studying the accordion at the age of eight, attending private lessons for eight years.  His formal training was rigorous and included classical works and competition.  After completion of that course of study, he taught for approximately two years.  From then on, he concentrated on performing professionally and played in various bands in addition to providing entertainment as a solo artist.

     Augie is frequently engaged for many different types of events and functions.  These include weddings, family occasions and celebrations, private parties, business functions, and both private and public organizational events.  His extensive and broad musical repertoire enable him to entertain almost any type of group or cross section of people.

     Augie performs music from all genres, including, but not limited to, Broadway, Standards, Easy Listening, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Country and Western, Opera, Light Classical, Italian, Spanish, French, Irish, Russian, German, and various other Ethnic origins.

     Augie's special and passionate music has enhanced the dining experience for patrons, many who celebrate important family and business events at the venues in which he performs.